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AUTHENTIC Discover prehistoric dinosaur bones hidden in the rock, just like a real paleontologist! Dig with the included tools – hammer, chisel, and brush.
QUALITY Snap 12 dino bones together to create a realistic model replica of a Triceratops skeleton (8.5" long)!
SCIENTIFIC Includes detailed building instructions with real STEM learning from the Geoworld publishing house
VALUE A dino dig kit full of all the tools and scientific information an aspiring paleontologist needs

A Dino dig kit above all Dino dig kits! Excavate dinosaur bones and make your own scientific replica of an imposing Triceratops! Dig through the rock material with The paleontologist’s tools to free the remains of this prehistoric creature, then assemble into an authentic model replica of a Triceratops. Pose and display your discovery. Each product is authentically designed by expert paleontologist Dr. Stefano piccini (Dr. Steve), scientifically accurate in scale, anatomy, posture and proportion. The kit includes everything you need – excavation rock material, Triceratops model skeleton bones, hammer, Chisel, brush, educational science facts, and detailed instructions.


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